Nail-ed it or maybe not. Are you a victim of nailism in Toronto?

Perfect Nail Spa on Bloor St. West.  (Torontonowhere)

Perfect Nail Spa on Bloor St. West. (Torontonowhere)

In Toronto it’s not what you do, where you live, or who your friends are. It’s what colour did you get? Where did you get them done? And who does you manicure?

Nails. It’s all about nails! Fingerails, toenails, colours, shellac or gel, square or round, long or short. Nails are the new status symbol. Now don’t get me wrong, nail art has been around for centuries. Some believe it dates back to 5000 BC in India when women would dye their fingertips with henna. The hot pink nails of the 80’s were far from in hiding. But, in my opinion, nails were an accent and now they are the main event.

But when did the little beds at the end of your fingertips become the hottest accessory? Ranking over purses, jewelry and god forbid…shoes. It’s no longer about Marc Jacobs, Chanel, or Michael Kors. It’s Essie, O.P.I and Shellac. However, even top designers like Marc Jacobs are now into nail fashion. Continue reading