Where to go on my champagne birthday?

Happy birthday to me. (CC Droid Gingerbread)

Happy birthday to me. (CC Droid Gingerbread)

In about 25 days it’s my champagne birthday. That’s right I will be 28 on the 28th. So with the  champagne birthday around the corner I wanted to do something special. Usually I let my birthday fly by, however this year I am capitalizing on the event to treat myself to a night of indulgence! I’ve already booked a night at the Ritz and now I need the perfect dining experience. That’s right, I’m forcing the beau to get dressed up and take his gal out. So here are my top three restaurants that I am contemplating. Maybe you can help me decide.

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And her name was Lola…Lola’s Kitchen in Toronto

Lola's Kitchen on Church St. CC Torontonowhere

Lola’s Kitchen on Church St. (Torontonowhere)

Saturday is a coveted day. It’s one of the few days when you can both sleep in and stay up late. It’s the day to indulge in pleasures instead of tasks (most of the time).

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a good friend of mine to do lunch. We were long overdue for some official girl time. It had been over a month, and with vacations to talk about, work to complain about, and boyfriends to brag about we were far overdue. Now, you may not know this but I find a great deal of stress comes with “let’s do lunch!” It’s not so much the doing that causes the stress as much as the actual planning on what to do or where to go. Luckily my friend came to the rescue and suggested a sweet place called Lola’s Kitchen on 634 Church Street in Toronto (a few steps away from the Yonge subway station). Continue reading

Let’s do lunch!

This is probably one of the most anxiety-ridden statements I have encountered since I moved to Toronto.

Lunch CC Torontonowhere

Let’s do lunch. Photo credit: Torontonowhere

I’ve come to discover that weekend lunch or brunch is quite the event in the city. Maybe it’s because it’s an excuse to get out (because I’ve also noticed that people only get together if it’s for food, shopping or drinks…but I’ll probably get into that one later) or maybe it’s a way  for people to connect in daylight. But while brunch is a popular demand, it’s also a part time job to try and find the right location. Continue reading