So what’s the dress code for this voyage?

A voyage in IcelandSince I have no idea where this journey is taking me, there is no need to dress to impress. However, given you never know whom you will run into or meet, it’s important to always be tasteful and respectful. With this in mind, I ask that people not say anything they wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in front of their parents. In other words, speak openly but be polite and respectful. Feel free to disagree, debate, suggest or comment but remember that I have feelings too. Also – no bots…because robots don’t have parents.

Along with feelings, I also have a conscience and a moral compass. And my moral compass says I will not be bribed, nor will I write with the intent of harming someone else. It also means that I don’t tolerate stealing. If you would like to borrow something of mine, I ask that you please acknowledge where you took it from. In return, I will do the same for things that I borrow. Finally, in case you missed it in the “About Me” page, anything I write is my opinion and mine alone.

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