Where to go on my champagne birthday?

Happy birthday to me. (CC Droid Gingerbread)

Happy birthday to me. (CC Droid Gingerbread)

In about 25 days it’s my champagne birthday. That’s right I will be 28 on the 28th. So with the  champagne birthday around the corner I wanted to do something special. Usually I let my birthday fly by, however this year I am capitalizing on the event to treat myself to a night of indulgence! I’ve already booked a night at the Ritz and now I need the perfect dining experience. That’s right, I’m forcing the beau to get dressed up and take his gal out. So here are my top three restaurants that I am contemplating. Maybe you can help me decide.

George Restaurant

Hidden in a sketchy area on Queen St. East, this place looks like a little girl’s dream. Crystals, purple chairs and lovely chandeliers combine luxury, elegance and fairytale all in one. The attire is classy and upscale, a perfect fit for a champagne birthday and an even better excuse to buy a new dress. But I am not going in blind. The menu is very pricey and based on the reviews it appears George is one of those restaurants that make teeny dishes that look like pieces of art. So is it worth the cost? Well, fellow patrons give a resounding YES! In fact, the chef’s tasting menu is highly recommended. So the question is…am I worth $99? I think so 😉

Table 17

This place was recommended by a fellow blogger, you should check out her blog “My life as a new wife” and the blog post. Also situated on Queen St. East, Table 17 is small, quaint, romantic and intimate. Urbanspoon and Yelp define it as modern French cuisine. Thankfully, if I don’t feel like spending money on a new outfit, the dress code is casual but the food is superb. The downfall? Apparently the service is slow and the restaurant gets really busy. But high-end dining without the “frou frou” is very appealing too.

Nota Bene

Nota Bene is a trendy spot close to the theater district ( apparently but I have no idea where that is). Unlike Table 17, Nota Bene is open and in a large space with art decorating the walls. The place is classy with service and food that’s earned raving reviews. According to the website it was named “Best new restaurant” by Toronto Life, however I couldn’t find the proof.

So what do I choose?
Elegant but pricy?
Casual but busy?
Trendy but open?


C’est tout for now!

6 thoughts on “Where to go on my champagne birthday?

  1. As you know, Table 17 is one of my all time faves, but I’ve been dying to go to George as well although heard the same reviews. Nota Bene would be my recommend. It’s on Mercer St. across from Le Germain hotel. It’s the hot new restaurant getting great reviews. Go there! (Just make sure you go to Table 17 at some point!!).

  2. Happy Early Birthday to you! I’ve been to both Table 17 and Nota Bene…both very good. It really depends on the vibe you’re looking for. Table 17 is more casual. Nota Bene, more corporate/formal. Can I suggest another to add to the mix? Buca on King West (by Niagara) is fantastic if you like Italian food. It’s hidden away in an old brownstone ..and you feel like you’re in NY. Food is top notch and considered one of the best Ital restaurants in the city. Great energetic vibe as well…my husband and I hosted a few close friends for dinner there and they were surperb all around.

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